Student used to be troubled and negative with her bad results

We are proud to feature Ms Shun Min

What Happened

She is a student promoted from Sec 3 to Sec 4, from NT (Normal Tech) to NA (Normal Academic) in 2017. She was able to achieve this through her perseverance and guidance with tutors from MAX Tuition centre in bukit batok area.

Let us share her inspiring story to all and read about her journey.

She was one of the many students who was congratulated for being one of the top Normal Technical students in her school. The release of the results was a great elation to her and her parents.

Mathematics has been her greatest fear. Since young her results for Maths and other subjects has been at borderline scoring mostly Ds and at times she failed. This was a very negative period in her the studies.

She felt troubled with these bad results, but she did not dwell on it. Instead she set a target to get better results the next time.

Her parents decided to sign her up at Max Tuition Centre in Bukit Batok.

What she did

Shun Min:
When I joined this Tuition Centre, the maths teacher helped me to understand many math concepts that were confusing to me. The tutor guided me to look at the subjects and especially Maths with a different perspective. And through gradual learning and practice i am able to grasp quickly the concept and understand the topics easily.

I shut out all negative thoughts and continue to work on my weakness and on the methods the tutor had thought me.

Her results

All her hard work and studying paid off.

Her subjects in her final year exams went from borderline D to excellent As and Bs.  
Her maths result jumped from a ‘D’ to an ‘A’ !!  It was a tremendous improvement.

In 2017, due to her excellent result, she was promoted from from NT (Normal Tech) to NA (Normal Academic).

Her initial plan was only to improve her results. Never did she imagined that she will be promoted to a higher level. She represent the Top 20% of her cohort.

From Max Tuition Centre Directors

Mr Max and Ms Elsie:
We definitely won't be surprised, because Shun Min you truly deserve it.
Thank you for being a positive role model not only to students of Max Tuition centre, but to our readers as well !!


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